Wenatchee Real Estate

Jun 27, 2016

Absolutely beautiful weather in Eastern Washington is bringing a whole lot of buyers, recreational and vacation investors to the Wenatchee area. With our orchards in full Bloom, intoxicating blossoms are filling the air with their sent, and water activities are in full force out on the river, now is a great time to consider buying or selling in the Wenatchee real estate area. We've even gone as far as to see multiple offers on newer homes and listings and properties not lasting more than a week on the market. If you've been holding off selling your Wenatchee property now would be the time to jump on board. Once school hits the market tends to slow just a little bit but prices are up and interest rates are starting to creep as well which means that buyers may not be out in full force in the next 4 to 6 months as they are right now. Call us today to find out what your Wenatchee home may be worth and how quickly we could get it sold for you.