Wenatchee Real Estate

Jun 27, 2016

Over the last month the average listing price and Wenatchee Washington was about $292,000 which is down about .2% over the last month. The median sales price is $170,000 which is up $16,000 or a little over 10% over last year. This is great news. There are 175 homes for sale currently and only 80 one of them are foreclosures.

The most popular ZIP Codes is the 98826 which has an average listing price of about $445,000. The 98831 is one of the more affluent ZIP Codes with an average listing price of about $529,000. This by no means indicates what the homes sell for, only their average listing price. On average and statistically speaking, prices have increased slightly and the number of sales have gone up as well. We are definitely looking at a turnaround in the real estate market. If you're looking to buy before rates completely go out of whack or property prices soar coming the end of the school year, get on the bandwagon now and talk to one of our agents about touring any of the available homes for sale in the Wenatchee area.