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Jun 27, 2016

Across the street from Memorial Park is the fun and hip Bella Bistro. Open from 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday, the Belle Bistro is known for their amazing bakery items, breakfasts, lunches and coffee.

Bella Bistro has many extra activities going on during each month and this month they are featuring "Caffinated Comedy" This improv Comedy Sports - with guest judges, Derby Girls Terry Sloan, Conni Nunn Chuck, and Colleen Kelly from the Apple City Roller Derby.

Fred Langford will be entertaining with his blend of Country/Western and Rhythym & Blues, and providing musical backup for the performers in some musical games!

Patio cabaret seating with coffee and soft drinks, and a special dessert menu available from the Bistro.

Show is open to all ages, and PG rated for 12 and up. This is "Whos Line Is It" - style comedy based on audience suggestions and participation.

Tickets are available only at the door, starting at 7:30 - ONLY $5

We hope to see all of our "Friday Funnies" regulars, plus some new friends! - Read more on their facebook page and attend!